Textured Stainless Steel Straws

China Creative Textured Stainless Steel Straw Supplier & Factory. Textured Stainless Steel Straws are reusable smoothie metal straws with New Classic Patterns.

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215mm, 241mm, 267mm / Customized


6mm, 8mm, 9mm, 12mm


Textured Bent/Angled/ Elbow, Straight, Pointed


304/316 food-grade stainless steel


Gold, Silver, Rose gold, Rainbow, Black, Blue, Purple, Gradient green


Metal straw Cleaner Brush with Case

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Product Details:

1. Aleco straws is a professional factory of various Colored Textured stainless steel straws with Patterns, reusable metal smoothie straws.
2. Our factory has several different sizes of Textured stainless steel straws – so you can enjoy using them no matter what glass you’re drinking from.
3. They come with two cleaning brushes (though they’re also dishwasher-safe) to keep drink straws clean.
4. Textured Stainless Steel Straws are packaged in a drawstring bag for carrying with you on the go. Convenient to use.
5. They are thinner than glass straws and bear in mind that steel conducts heat, so only use these with cold drinks to avoid burning your mouth.
6. Our Textured Stainless Steel Straws are reusable.
7. Our reusable Textured Stainless Steel Straw samples are available.
8. The Textured Stainless Steel Straws have stock for samples.
9. Fast production time 5-15 days depends on the order quantity.
10. Our eco Textured Stainless Steel Straws already passed SGS & FDA.

These are our Creative Scratch-proof Stainless Steel Straws picture, we also have Textured Stainless Steel Straws with flat ends instead of the scratch-proof end. Contact us for more details now!

Our Package Case:

Aleco Straws Warranty and Guarantee:

1. Sample is Available for you to test our Textured Metal Straw Good Quality.
2. Feel free to send us an email, and we guarantee that your information will not be disclosed.
3. Any questions will be replied to within 1 business day.
4. We can ship the Stainless Steel Metal Straws to you By Sea, By Air, and By Express: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and so on, the fastest way only takes 3-5 days once ship out.

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