Right Now, plastic straws account for a significant amount of unrecycled plastic waste and contribute to plastic pollution in the ocean. As a result, numerous campaigns in the 2010s have led to companies considering a switch to paper straws and Stainless Steel Straws. As Stainless Steel Straws are more and more popular, some suppliers begin to use bad stainless steel to get more profits.
For the sake of our health, we need to keep our eyes open for the best stainless steel Metal Straws.

Then you will ask me, What is the best Stainless Steel Straws? Let me introduce it to you now:

First, What is Stainless Steel?

See the answer from Wikipedia of stainless steel, “known as inox steel or inox from French inoxydable (inoxidizable), is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass and a maximum of 1.2% carbon by mass.
Stainless steels are most notable for their corrosion resistance, which increases with increasing chromium content. Additions of molybdenum increase corrosion resistance in reducing acids and against pitting attack in chloride solutions. Thus, there are numerous grades of stainless steel with varying chromium and molybdenum contents to suit the environment the alloy must endure.
Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance, and familiar luster make it an ideal material for many applications where both the strength of steel and corrosion resistance are required.

And Stainless steels are rolled into sheets, plates, bars, wire, and tubing to be used in cookware, cutlery, surgical instruments, major appliances, drinking straws. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance, the ease with which it can be steam cleaned and sterilized, and no need for surface coatings have also influenced its use in commercial kitchens and food processing plants.”

It can be classified as 310S、310、316L、316、321、304L、304、301、202、201、1CR13、2CR13、3CR13.
Among them, stainless steel 304 is an iron alloy containing a minimum of 11.5% chromium. Blends containing 18% chromium with either 8% nickel, called 18/8, or Stainless steel 316 is with 10% nickel, called 18/10, are commonly used for kitchen cookware or bar accessories (Stainless Steel Metal Straws, Stainless Steel Ice Cube), which are food grade.

Second, What are Drinking Straws?

A drinking straw or drinking tube is a small pipe that allows its user to more conveniently consume a beverage. A thin tube of paper, plastic (such as polypropylene and polystyrene), or other material is used by placing one end in the mouth and the other in the beverage.
A combination of muscular action of the tongue and cheeks reduces air pressure in the mouth and above the liquid in the straw, whereupon atmospheric pressure forces the beverage through the straw. Drinking straws can be straight or have an angle-adjustable bellows segment.

Third, What are Stainless Steel Straws?

The drinking Metal straws which made of stainless steel called stainless steel Metal straws. The Most popular is 304 stainless Steel Straw, namely 18/8 stainless steel Metal straws.

Last But Not Least, Below is the Key points of Best Stainless Steel Straws:

1. Safe to your Health.
1) BPA-free
2) Food Grade: high-grade 18/8 stainless steel
3) FDA approved
2. Easy to clean and sterilize.
1) Smooth enough, can use the cleaning brush easily.
2) Dishwasher safe.
3. Reusable & Durable.
1) The straws can use again and again with good quality.
2) The straw pipe wall thickness should be 0.4-0.5mm instead of 0.2-0.3mm.
4. Eco-friendly.
1) It is Nature-friendly, not harmful to the environment.
5. Won’t Rust.
1) Food-grade stainless steel won’t rust.

The metal straws which fit the five points above are the best stainless steel Metal straws. If you find it, you can order now with no hesitation.

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