More and More countries had started or planned to ban plastic, especially ban plastic straws. While many customers choose the reusable metal Straws which is made of safe 304 stainless steel, and it is food grade, high-quality, and good for your health.

From the google trends, we can see the metal straws are hot and popular, and keep rising in recent two years, so it is an open market.

Especially in these countries:

  1. Ireland
  2. New Zealand
  3. South Africa
  4. Australia
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Canada
  7. United States
  8. Singapore
  9. India
  10. Philippines

So it is an opportunity if you want to do the eco products and want to do something good for our earth.

Let’s take a detailed look at how to become a Bulk Metal Straws distributor, in other words, how to start a stainless steel metal straw business:

1. Think about your strategy

Some of the first things you should think about when becoming a distributor are what kind of distributor you would like to be and choosing the distribution channel you want to work within. This means figuring out how closely you want to work with the end-user and how to accomplish the delivery of the product to this person. You also need clarity about who is your end-user, and how to build the connection between you and them.

2. Learn the industry you want to be in

    1). Do the research and decide the metal straws market appeals to you.

Questionnaire or google trends or search online B2C platform to check which size and colors are more popular in your market.

You need to check what kind of drinks they often have, you can confirm the size and diameter of the straws you want.

And from the first step, you know the common colors of the straws, and you can do the research to know what colors are more popular.

And if they can accept the new things easily, then you can develop the new stainless steel straws to open the markets.

    2). Learn more metal straws details

Here below the best article for you to learn more details of metal straws.

23 Most Important Questions about Metal Straws

After reading this article, I am sure that you will be very clear about the reusable metal straws and more convinced that the metal straws distributor is your right choice.

Why Stainless Steel 304 is one of the Best Choice for Metal Straws?

What is Best Stainless Steel Straw?

3. Who is the manufacturer you want to partner with?

  1) Find some reliable Bulk Metal Straws Supplier

To a distributor or wholesaler, the best metal straws supplier is your strong support. Whenever you need the goods, they can arrange the shipment quickly in the promised times. Whenever you have questions, they can reply to you in time. Whatever questions do you have, they can answer you patiently. It is your important indemnification. Because to be a distributor, you need one professional supplier who can solve your problems and help you step by step until you receive all products in your warehouse.

Here is a professional metal straw supplier “10 Guarantees For METAL STRAWS You Can Get from ALECO“.

Aleco Straws is a professional metal straws Factory that is able to do research, development and designing new creative hot seller metal straws. We have a full-complete production process and related titanium coating factory to ensure the highest quality of bulk metal straws. Our main products are Anti-scratch metal straws with a curved endingstainless steel straws, smooth ending metal strawcreative textured metal straws with Patternstainless steel straw with a clean brush and case. Over the years, Aleco Straws have built up a level of mutual trust with our distributors as we do not approach the end-user market, thus protecting your interests. We strongly believe that your growth is our business!

Check if you can get the below Benefits from Aleco Metal Straws Supplier:

A: Great products at competitive prices

B: Extensive catalog range

C: FDA certification of the material

D: Product training for your staff

E: Point of sale material

F: Fully stock supported

2). Ask the samples for testing

If everything goes well, their price is your target, and the metal straws suppliers can answer all your questions and solve all your problems in time,

then you can ask them to send you the samples for testing. Normally the samples are free for you, and you just need to pay for the shipping cost from their factory to your side. If you want to check it quickly, you can ask the supplier to send the samples to you by DHL, FedEx, or UPS, TNT, and so on the fast way, it only takes 3-6 days once the metal straws shipped out. And if you do not hurry, you can ask them to ship it in a cheaper way, it will take 15-25 days once shipping out.

Once you receive the samples, you can test them and use them to see if you really like them.

Below are 4 important points you need to check:

A. The samples should be clean without dust.

B. The colors are Shiny and must be Ultrasonic Titanium Coating which is FDA passed.

C. The Ending of the straws is smooth and safe to our tips and tongue.

D. The size is exactly the same as what they said.

After you check all the details, they are the same as the one you want, you can go to the next step.

3). Trail order for the beginning

You may are worried that the metal straws supplier will provide you the best quality samples, but the mass productions will provide you the low-quality.

In order to avoid this kind of thing happen, first, you need to confirm with the supplier that they should be promised the mass production metal straws quality and colors should be the same as the samples. Second, you can place a trial order to double confirm that the mass production straws are the same quality as the samples.

4). Place your first bulk metal straws order and run with it.

If all up 5 steps work well and you trust the metal straws supplier, you can place your bulk metal straws orders, and run with it to start your stainless steel straws business.

Doing the meaningful thing to save our earth, you will be the best metal straws distributor in your market.

4. Build relationships

Networking is the foundation of the distribution industry. Relationships and connections will define you. Gain a deep understanding of your target market and clients to develop stronger partnerships. Keep communication open and available.

5. Know your Core competitiveness

First, you should have supply chain knowledge and sales and marketing training in your back pocket. Team building and leadership abilities are a must.

Second, you should know your competitors’ advantages.

Third, know your end user’s requirements.

6. Draft a business plan.

Include a distribution model, start-up costs, and a strategy to help your start-up distribution business soar.

7. Warehouse & Shipping

Think about where your inventory is coming from and where you will store your inventory. The logistics are a monumental component of the success of a distributor. Stay organized and have clearly defined strategies for operations, assessing everything from customer management to delivery. As a professional metal straws supplier, we will help you to deliver all goods to your warehouse step by step, so you do not need to worry about shipping from our factory to your warehouse. But you need to clear and make a plan to shipping the straws to your end-users.

8. Trends cannot be overlooked

As the world goes digital, e-commerce is slowly integrating itself more and more into current processes. E-commerce will constitute 20% of sales growth in the retail market, according to Entrepreneur. Always be on top of what is coming next to be able to plan for these kinds of changes that may affect distribution processes. Keep your eyes open and understand the trends of the market is one important point of your success.