In the name of saving the turtles and our planet, more and more countries banned the use of plastic products, especially the single used plastic straws, then there has been a huge influx in the purchase of reusable metal straws in the past two years. The reusable Metal Straws are the new trend.

Many coffee shops, bars, restaurants chose the reusable metal straws instead of the plastic straws, as it belongs to the stainless steel cutlery, it is easier adaptable to consumers. All stainless steel straws be can laser engraved with their own store name. The data shows 85% of coffee and restaurants store prefer the custom metal straws engraved with their own store name. The reusable metal straws are hot sellers in Amazon, Walmart, Target, the offline supermarket, and so on as well.

With the custom engraved stainless steel straws popular in restaurants, the new reusable collapsible Metal straws are more and more popular as the foldable design.

Each collapsible metal straw set including:

1pc Foldable Stainless Steel Metal Straw

1pc Metal Case

1pc Carabiner Hook

1pc Silicone Tip

1pc Paper package box

But why is the reusable collapsible metal straw more and more popular?

Here are the important 7 reasons for your reference:

  • Food-Graded Straw: Telescopic metal straws are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel which is FDA Approved. It is perfect for you to enjoy any cold or hot drink.
  • Telescopic & Portable Design: The length of reusable collapsible straws can be adjusted from 3.9 inches to 9.2 inches and it can be compatible with 12-40oz cups, glasses, and tumblers.
  • Comfortable Design: The silicone tips are soft and natural so that children and adults can be protected from any potential mouth, teeth, or eyes while drinking.
  • Friendly Travel Straw: A metal tube case is included in the set fits in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase.
  • With Carabiner Hooks Design: With the attachable keychain carabiner, you can also hook the straw case on your bag/belt loop and take it anywhere you go.
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Straw is reusable, which can replace the plastic and paper straw used daily. Reduce stress and pollution on the environment, Save the earth.
  • Perfect Gift: It is a perfect gift when family gatherings, cocktail parties, picnics, etc. Calling on them to save the planet together from now.

You may have some questions about the foldable collapsible metal straws below:

Q1: How to clean collapsible metal straws?

Answer: All our reusable collapsible drinking straws set come with a long telescopic brush, it is very easy and convenient to clean it.

Q2: Are metal collapsible straws dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, our collapsible metal straws are dishwasher safe.

Q3: Will the color of the metal straws collapsible coming off?

Answer: The color will never come off, as it is made by PVD coating (Vacuum ultrasonic plating).

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We are glad that you choose the reusable collapsible metal straw with you.

Let us continue to make a difference, the reusable straws are only the beginning. Buying your own reusable cup is a great second step. If your sole goal is to actually save the turtles and our planet, there are many things you can certainly do in addition to your purchase of a reusable metal straw. The great way to do this is to switch to natural ECO products.

The change starts with you from NOW.